What Does A Yacht Maintenance Checklist Include?


With yacht management our primary focus is safety and reliability. All other concerns are unimportant if your yacht is not safe. We carefully and methodically examine all of the key areas of your vessel and inspect, service, maintain, detail and document all work. We build a yacht maintenance checklist for every vessel that is tailored to the needs of the yacht, whether motor or sail, commercial or recreational. We then build a detailed maintenance plan that will keep your investment operating at the highest levels of sea worthiness and presentation. Over the coming posts we will highlight some key areas of your yacht and show you the work that is crucial in ensuring your time on the water is safe and worry free

Our first area is one that is of vital importance to our guests, owners and staff. We are looking at the anchor windlass and the maintenance involved in this high wear and potentially dangerous piece of deck hardware

Below is a sample of what is involved in our maintenance plan and safe operating procedures

Vertical Windlass Gearbox and Motor maintenance 

Yacht Management Includes:


– Washing down of the windlass using fresh water

– Examination of all electrical connections for corrosion, clean and lightly grease

– Checking anchor locker drain to avoid water damage to motor/gearbox

– If anchor locker fills with water, checking motor is dry and free of rust

– Checking anchor rode splice for wear

– Checking gypsy as it is a high wear item and will last longer if properly used. When re assembling the cone and gypsy, add a small smear of grease to the contact surfaces

– Checking mounting studs after first two or three recoveries and regularly thereafter


Lubrication of bearings and all moving parts (charge grease nipples).

Inspection of hydraulic pipes and cocks for leaks.

operation of clutch through full travel.

Operation of windlass.


Inspection of clutch plates and inspection for wear and corrosion

Inspection and renewal of mechanical brake liners where fitted.

Maintenance of brake drums to ensure they’re free from sand and grit.

Examination of base and mountings for corrosion

Disassembly of the chainwheel and clutch cone system and lubrication of all moving parts and fasteners with lithium grease. It is particularly important to clean and grease the surfaces of the two clutch cones and the chainwheel where they meet.

Inspection of all electrical connections to make sure they are both secure and free of corrosion. This includes the connections at the windlass motor itself, the solenoid control box, and the footswitches/socket for handheld device, or however you control the windlass


Checking of electric cables for damage. Repairs/renewal as required.

Stripping the above deck components, clean and lightly grease.

Checking of motor/gearbox for corrosion, clean and repaint with a suitable marine grade oil based enamel paint.

Removal of electric motor cover and blow dust away from brushes using foot pump or similar taking care not to breathe any dust

With proper care and attention all areas can be safely used as intended, meaning you and your guests can enjoy the many beautiful anchorages our country has to offer. Call Sydney Prestige Yachting if your vessel needs someone to run through our yacht maintenance checklist with her.