Yacht Management

Yacht Management

Yacht Maintenance  

We will methodically inspect, document and test all systems, fittings and hardware on  your boat in order to produce a detailed and comprehensive maintenance plan that covers  all areas and gives a precise timeline for all regular maintenance. We then carry out this  work in line with the highest standard of sea worthiness and presentation. Our focus with yacht management is  preventative maintenance and regular operation of all onboard systems in order to ensure  safe and trouble free boating for our clients. 

Yacht Detailing  

Detailing and presentation of all areas of the vessel is of vital importance to all owners and operators. We understand thoroughly the passion our owners have for their vessels  and we take pride in ensuring all the boats in our care are in pristine condition. As an  example: our regular yacht management plans all involve weekly cleaning of all exterior and  interior surfaces, we apply protective wax at 10 week intervals to all gel coat, we polish  all stainless, clean, brighten and seal all teak, extensively detail all interior surfaces,  regularly clean all lockers, gutters, drains and bilges, clean all clears, wash and treat  exterior covers and cushions, apply protective coatings to vinyl and Hypalon, seal vinyl  coverings with insulator wax, we apply appropriate furniture polish to interior woodwork,  clean grey water boxes and dozens more. Contact us for a detailed yacht management plan today.

Yacht Refitting  

As a rule, most vessels, even if lightly used and regularly maintained will require re fits  from time to time. This is due to the nature of the environment they operate in, namely  corrosive salt and the damaging effects of UV and constant exposure to wind, rain, heat  and cold. All vessels (and by extension their owners) will benefit greatly from a minor re  fit at 5 years of age and a relatively more significant re fit at 10 years of age. The first  step at both of these points is to employ a professional surveyor who will issue a report for  the owners and the insurer. 

As a very basic example of what we look for: At the 5 year mark it will be important to  evaluate the state of all safety equipment such as manual bilge pumps, electronic bilge  pumps, life jackets, fire fighting Apparatus etc. As well as some of the high use systems  such as water pressure pumps, grey water boxes, water filters, hose clamps, toilet  macerators, any weather seals and generally any area, system or piece of hardware that is  showing signs of wear. In most cases our regular maintenance plan will mean that many of  these systems will only need relatively minor attention. In some cases like those of water  pressure pumps and hose clamps, float switches etc it is best to simply replace them.  After 5 years all commercial vessels will need a surveyor to do a new survey and re issue a  certificate of survey, this is a detailed and comprehensive process that is a legal  requirement, the fact this is done at 5 years highlights the importance of this time in a  vessel’s life not only for commercial operators but ALL boat owners of any stripe. At 5  years many areas of the vessel’s primary engines and generator will require work to the  cooling systems and any other areas that are showing signs of wear. At this time any vinyl  coverings will likely be showing signs of degradation due to the nature of their  manufacture and built in life span when constantly exposed to the elements. These are  just a fraction of the areas we will methodically inspect at the 5 year mark. After our  inspection we submit our recommendations to our owners and build a plan to rejuvenate  their vessel.  

Yacht maintenance

At the 10 year point since manufacture we need to look at the items listed above again, in  this period we are likely to replace many systems though, in most cases upgrading to  newer technologies. Main engines and generator cooling systems especially in motor  vessels will be extensively overhauled at this time, usually including engine mounts as well  as any areas highlighted by a detailed professional mechanical inspection and survey. In  sailing yachts we will remove the rig as well as replacing the running and Standing rigging,  while the rig is out the spreaders and spreader bars will be removed and replaced or repaired as required. If not already replaced it is common to take the opportunity to  update exterior cushions, covers and any high wear fabrics with newer items.  

This is just a taste of what can be done in a refit, it is entirely dependent on the owner’s  budget, vessel usage and condition. What is certain is that a vessel that has been  professionally managed and maintained will need far less spent on her at any re fit.  

Yacht Project Management  

If you need help with your next yacht management project, whether it be entering survey, re locating  to cruising grounds, re fit, commissioning, detailing, purchasing, inspection or any project  at all, Sydney Prestige Yachting can help. We can help with all areas of ownership of motor  vessels, sailing vessels, commercial and recreational. 

Buying Assistance  

If you are in the market for a new or used luxury yacht, we can help by assisting in all  areas of the purchasing process. we can offer advice, provide and assist with the pre  purchase survey, liase with brokers, assist with specifying a new yacht, make factory  inspections, assist and represent the owner during commissioning and handover, assist with  organising shipping or delivery. Our aim is to make purchasing your new yacht as stress  free and enjoyable as possible.