Marine Product Marketing: The Essentials


Today I will discuss the ways in which Sydney Prestige Yachting can assist our commercial vessel owners to maximise their exposure to the competitive Sydney yacht charter market. Sydney Prestige Yachting can design fully comprehensive marine product marketing strategies to help you get the most exposure for your vessel.

Our aim is to create more business, more charters and most importantly repeat business. In our experience the more information we provide to the brokers and client the more enquiries and  charters we will receive as it is seamless, making them feel confident in us when booking the  vessel.

I have over 18 years experience as a full time professional captain, managing, maintaining and  detailing sailing and power vessels in Sydney, the Whitsundays, England and the Mediterranean. I  understand what it takes to get the vessel out there, to be chartered and to be busy. We will create  something different and really sell the experience of what the yacht can offer, making it stand out  on the water.

My marketing expert has over 10 years experience in the industry, managing yacht marketing and  working on super yachts.

Our plan:

Prepare a marine products marketing analysis

We will research yachts that are similar in how many passengers can be accommodated onboard,  similar in actual design and similar to your budget. The first questions any broker will ask are: “How  many people will be coming to your event?” and “Do you have a budget?”. When they have these  two questions answered they will prepare a yacht selection. We will make sure your vessel is  placed competitively in this market.

Organise Photo shoots

These images need to be resized into web format for the brokers, travel agents etc to share in a  folder for them to upload and then advertise/sell to their clients. This could be aerial, exterior shots  and interior shots. Everyone is so busy in their day to day lives that inspecting a vessel is hard for  people to organise so they book off viewing the photos. It is important these images are flawless  and presentable.

Assist with menus and beverage options

We will assist with menus and beverages options which make your client interested in using your vessel for their charters.

Assist with calendar sharing

Once everything is set up we will share the calendar bookings with our list of brokers, travel agents  and your concierge.

Wait staff

Ordinarily I would organise these but due to the nature of your business, we will obviously discuss  your preference in regards to this.

Organising a broker event

We will organise a broker event with 10 of the top brokers in Sydney to experience what the yacht  has to offer for a 2-3 hour cruise, platters and bbq. Most vessels in the harbour will do this as  summer approaches to remind the brokers of how great their vessels are so they put the yacht  forward to the client when they have a budget to work with.

Social media marketing

These days it is a very important part of marine product marketing for operators to be utilising the power of  social media. Vessels that want to be competitive in the market and ultimately profitable, need to  be posting to facebook and instagram at least every 2/3 days with a story and post to encourage  people to enquire. We are able to use the paid advertising on these sites to target an audience in an area of choice with a message which we are trying to push eg. New Year’s Eve or boxing day  on the water, men and women ages 30-65, ceos and families based in the Sydney area. This  becomes a sponsored ad when these targeted people are scrolling through their social media platforms.