5 Reasons Why A Luxury Yacht Charter Is Superior To Other Holidays


Taking the family on holiday each year is a pretty common tradition. Exclusive hotels, private villas and island cruises are all part of the standard repertoire and offer a wealth of delightful experiences. However, there is a far more enjoyable way to spend time away from home when the holiday season comes ringing and that is to take a luxury yacht charter. A luxury yacht charter combines all of the elements of a standard luxury holiday and surpasses them with a plethora of additional pleasures. In this article I outline how a superyacht charter trumps all other holiday options.

The View is Always Changing On A Yacht Charter

No matter the expense involved with paying for a hotel stay, you will undeniably wake up to the same view every morning. On a yacht you will float through a vast selection of different views, all beautiful. From secluded ports to beaches with bright, white sand and offshore islands, the visual experiences included in a luxury yacht charter are different each day and are guaranteed to amaze you and the family. Meals can be taken on deck to a different backdrop and the ever-changing stars and sky will form a canvas to light your evenings.

You Are Totally In Control Of Your Luxury Holiday

While hotels offer some modicum of independence, you are generally limited by the activities that your hotel has to offer. Cruise ships are far less accommodating when you want to make adjustments to your holiday schedule. On a private yacht, however, the Captain will suggest activities for your approval, suggesting anchorages, restaurants and bespoke marine-based activities to fill the day with. If you want to adjust your schedule on the go that’s fine too: you can simply tell the captain what you want to do.

The Privacy is Unparalleled Onboard your Luxury Yacht

Unlike at a hotel or on a cruise ship, strangers are nowhere in site during a private yacht charter. There is no need to make awkward acquaintances and spend the rest of the holiday avoiding them to spend private time alone with your family when you’re on a yacht. All things considered, if you want to go into town and join a party then that is possible, but for the majority of your trip you will be alone with your family observing the enchanted vistas and some well-earned private bliss.

Staff Are Yours and Yours Alone

Most traditional holidays employ staff to cater to all guests, not just your family. You are frequently competing for staff attention which can be very time consuming and emotionally draining. On a superyacht charter you are priority number one at all times. Every single crew member is working only for you that week, going above and beyond to make sure your experience is unique and tailored to you and you alone.

Staying in is Better Than Going Out

A hotel in reality is more a place to sleep than a place to enjoy your holiday. In comparison, a yacht is a place to live. You’ll never want to leave the boat, especially during the evening when you can dine by candlelight on deck, relax in a jacuzzi under the stars or pile into the lounge for a movie night. Midnight swims, dancing on deck or fishing are but some of the activities that will keep you anchored to your boat all holiday long.

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